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FAQ 'n Stuff

Vinyl Customization

I want to have some rad custom vinyl records. How do I get started? Thanks for checking us out. There are a few companies that do filled records (Romanus Custom Record Manufacturing and Plastikat Deviations, are 2 of our favorites and if it wasn't for them we would not be here!) and though a lot of what we do is similar, we all have a slightly different methodology. We recommend that you come up with an idea of what you might want to do and reach out for quotes or inquire if it is possible (especially if it is something wild). No matter what, one of us can get those made for you...unless it's illegal haha.

What do you use to seal up the records? Well, that my friend is what we call a trade secret, and we are going to leave it at that.

Are these records playable? Can I play it on my turntable like normal? Yes absolutely! We enchourage it. Take a video and share the plastic magic!!

Will they leak? Are the liquids safe? Well, we do everything we can to ensure the seals are solid and leak free. We put every product we make through a Quality Control check to ensure it is solid, all the seals intact, and most importantly, playable. However leaks can happen, so please treat them carefully and they should last for years to come. Yes, the liquids used are neutral, plant based, odorless and non-toxic.

I don't see the prices for the style I really liked from the examples on the site, can you make it for my release? Yes we can do something like it for you. Please shoot us an email at actuallypressing@gmail.com with style (photos/screenshot help), color(s), and quantity, then we will get that quote over to you. The pricelist only includes our most common requests.

Is there something special I should do when storing filled records? They should be stored vertical just the same as standard pressed vinyl. We make a small mark for the "top" and if you can, store the record in it's sleeve with that mark on top. It just helps reduce the risk of leaks, though the seals are tested and shouldn't leak. Every customization we make will include a care and storage insert, however if yours did not come with one you can download it HERE. We also recommend taking it out and giving it a flip or 4 every month or two. Cause why not enjoy that beauty, we worked hard to make it!!

Record Pressing

This is my first vinyl record. How do I get started? First you'll want to get your music mixed, mastered, and sounding as you want it. Second is deciding on what you want it to look like. Everything costs money so keep your budget in mind, as well as how much you think your customers are going to be willing to send to buy your record. Once you have both of those ready and figured out, you're ready to place your order. We will walk you through the rest. Then deliver you some great sounding and looking records!

How much music can I fit on my record? This is a common question and not as easy to give an exact answer. The reason is every album is slightly different on a sonic level. Below are rough guides. All times are per side!

  • 12" Records: At 33rpm roughly 18-22 minutes, and At 45rpm roughly 10-15 minutes
  • 7" Records: At 33rpm roughly 7 minutes, and At 45rpm roughly 4 minutes

Now of course these are all estimates, based off experience. You can request longer by a little but it could impact sound quality, which lets face it, if you're going to spend the money for a record pressing at least give it the best chance at sounding good. Yes this may mean your killer record is now going to need to be a double LP or you cut a track or two, but it will sound better and your fans will appreciate you for it!

Is vinyl mastering necessary? Most Definitely. Vinyl mastering is making a master lacquer/DMM which is needed to create the stamper for your records. Vinyl mastering begins with preparing your audio files, then using a lathe to cut the sound as it is played through the lathe to a master lacquer or copper disk. This Master is then plated to create Stampers which is what literally Presses the vinyl into records. Without Mastering and Plating, records cannot be made.

What vinyl record formats can you get pressed? We can do 7", 10" and 12" records in 140g and 180g, and in a variety of colors and effects.

Do I need 2-step plating or 3-step plating? Well it depends on the number of records you're looking to press. If all you're looking to press is 2000 or less, then 2-step will be fine. If you are pressing more than that or doing 180g records then you should go with 3-step. The reason is that stampers wear out from the repeated "pressing" of the PVC.

What kind of art files do I need to provide? Always the labels for your records. If we are also doing your Jackets, Sleeves, Inserts etc. then we need the artwork for those as well. All the templates along with instructions can be found on our Templates Page.

I got my test pressing, now what? This is another common question especially for those new to pressing. There are lots of technical blogs about what to listen for and about dynamics. The truth is, listen to it! Does it sound good? Are the tracks in the right order and on the correct side? If you answer YES to both of those then you're good. If either got a NO then you should reach out to us so we can discuss this with you. However, if it is the sound that seems off to you, please note that vinyl records RARELY if EVER sound like a CD. The main reason is that there is another "mastering" process the audio goes through when it is CUT to make the master plates. However the basics should be as identical to a CD/Digital master as possible. Test pressings are also the first time those stampers have been used and any harsh highs tend to mellow as pressing gets underway. Vinyl also naturally has surface noise you don't get with CDs, since it is audio generated by a needle being dragged through a groove in a piece of plastic. So it's not really an evaluation you need to do, but a few spins to see if it has the feel you are going for with your record on vinyl.

I don't see my question here! Shoot us an email to actuallypressing@gmail.com